IT and ME

Two years of working in the retail lending industry and my computer has become my understanding partner, the local network as my supply of oxygen and the various systems at work as the extension of my brain.

I am currently working as a marketing staff in a financial institution specifically in its retail lending segment. My work basically caters the needs of businessmen/entrepreneurs for additional funds may they be existing businesses or new ones. This line of work basically has IT at its core.

A typical day at the office

I spend my entire 8-12 hours a day at the office. My day starts by logging on the employee attendance site where I would punch in my time of arrival at work then, by opening my computer and blasting in my emails for urgent transactions usually from colleagues, clients and bosses. These would take me around 2-3 hours depending on the transaction being processed. Here, I would usually make use of various integrated systems and online databases usually having the necessary information such as client’s accounts and more. The rest of my day runs on e-approvals to and from bosses. Power interruptions, systems offline, and network errors should not be in our vocabulary as these impede transactions and make us of no use.

Values in a box

Being mindful and cautious have been inculcated in me since working in the industry. A mistake will cause not only your time but the smooth flow of work from one department to another since these are all integrated. Having the integrity, sense of responsibility and likewise honesty are also essential since all actions using the systems are closely monitored and information confidentiality is a mandate.

To wrap it up: IT while at work is definitely why I can work and how we do work.


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