WWW:Wonderful Wireless World

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Wouldn’t it be so nice if all things were wireless? Imagine, the convenience of not having to worry about tangled wires of gadgets’ chargers, headphones, and the like inside your bag? The satisfaction that every mother would feel if all appliances at home are looking neat and clean without dangling wires attached to each and every socket and plug at home? What a neat and organized world this would be – a wonderful wireless world!


We may be very far from that wonderful wireless world we are aiming for but not so long ago, geniuses have already embarked on this idea that we are currently benefiting from these – wireless technologies.

I believe at least once in our lives, we have been exposed to these wireless technologies. Embedded meaning in the word itself is technology that functions without the constraint or use of wires.

Yes, I know we are all familiar with our wireless LAN, the WiFi or WiMax which make it possible for us to connect to the World Wide Web, our mobile phones, 3G or 4G transmissions, the GPS, or even up to the simplest remote control we have at home, these are all wireless technologies.

These wireless technologies have changed the way we do things. One example is that, it is now easier for us to carry mobile phones and reach our loved ones, colleagues and friends through voice calls, emails, or even Facebook instead of the old telephone which limits us to phone calls alone. Another very simple example would be, the convenience we experience at home when using all appliances which function through a remote control. There is now no need to stand and push that button when switching from one TV channel to another; no need to get out of bed and adjust the aircon thermostat – all these made possible by our dear friend, the remote control.

Because it has changed how we do things, these also paved the way for various opportunities such as:

  1. Job opportunities. The rise of wireless technologies demanded for experts and skilled workers in the field of engineering, computer programming and design, software creation, mechanic, networking, data analysis, education and many others.
  2. Education. The internet thru the wireless LANs, Wifi or WiMax made way for education and knowledge enthusiasts to benefit from free internet based classes such as courseras, webinars and online master’s programs. Likewise, information gathering and research on any topic have become effortless. Search engines allow us to look into various websites that matches the keywords we are searching for by simply clicking on the search button.
  3. E-businesses. Brick and mortar stores have taken the initiative to invest in e-business for wider market reach. The internet thru wireless networks also made possible the exchange of goods not only between businesses and customers, but also B2B and e-government transactions through websites, portals, blogs, social media sites and many others.

Organizations nowadays are continuously building this wonderful wireless world by capitalizing on these opportunities. In our organization, we have incorporated the following:

  1. Job postings for almost any position in the organization would require literacy and proficiency in the use of computers and wireless technology, in communications or the web since almost all facilities are online and system integrated.
  2. Our website allows clients to be informed of the various products and services being offered by the company as well as educate them of their financial needs and wellness.
  3. We also cater to online inquiries and applications of clients with regards to our products and services. Clients are also given the convenience of transacting online, may this be via mobile phones or computers, by logging on to the clients’ portal. Through these, clients halfway across the globe or within the comforts of their homes need not go to the nearest business center or office.

Indeed, being able to do all the mentioned above with wireless technologies, makes us so powerful. However, “With great power, comes great responsibility”. There should be appropriate caution to ensure safety when using wireless technologies. Here are some to dos that can be used as guidelines:

  1. Passwords are confidential and should not be shared with anyone.
  2. Never click on the “Remember password” button whenever you log on to a website or portal. This is to preserve confidentiality of your password.
  3. Always log out your account.
  4. Ensure that data is encrypted, if possible.
  5. Ensure that you only give away your information to trusted sites and people.
  6. Call the attention of your immediate supervisor or boss whenever you feel that organization data security is compromised.

Since everything is made possible via wireless transmission, information travels faster and the risk of wrong recipients and compromised data security is high. We just have to be extra careful by following certain guidelines like those mentioned above.

Surely, wireless technology is beneficial. It brings various opportunities but it also has loopholes. When use for the advantages of one and the company, it truly can make the world we live in, a wonderful wireless world.



One thought on “WWW:Wonderful Wireless World

  1. Definitely. Wireless connections drastically changed the lifestyle of man, especially communications and information gathering. But with the boon, there’s always a bane. We just need to make sure that we keep our personal information and work data secure at all times.


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